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The first book:

Life Reset tells the story of Oren, a high-level player, leader of the most powerful guild in New Era Online (a futuristic, virtual reality game)Oren had been betrayed, transformed into a monster against his will and thrown to survive on his own among the other monsters of the game world.He has to build up friendships and his own low-level character and build up an empire of monsters to help him survive the new hardship.

The second book:

In the second installment titled "Life Reset: EvP (Environment vs. Player)" - Oren had survived the trials and threats of annihilations from his fellow monsters, but now he has to contend with a much more sinister foe: The players themselves.Now a goblin Dread Totem, Oren has to continue building up his clan of goblins and produce a strong fighting force capable of withstanding attack from this most dreaded enemy.

Having survived the first wave of the invading players, Oren now seeks to strengthen his clan. With the Breeder’s Den destroyed and most of Goblin's Gorge's resources devoted to rebuilding, his best hope lies in creating an army of golems. But for that, he needs viridium, a rare metal that can only be obtained from hobgoblin towns, where Oren and his clan of goblins are viewed as nothing more than potential slaves. To make his way in the game and to defeat his former guild, Oren's ingenuity alone will not be enough. He will need to conquer his deepest fears and tap into his inner monster.

The third book:

Is under development!

The four installment is currently being written.

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Life Reset book 4: