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The journey begins

Book One:

John Slater never had any interest in video games. Now he’s got to beat one to save his brother.

A battle-hardened, ex-special forces soldier, John was never a fan of games, unlike his brother. But now, he’s got to learn and learn fast if he has any chance of saving his younger sibling. Magic, monsters and levels are new to him, and his real-world skills aren’t as useful as he thinks.
Lucky for him, he’s used to adapting on the fly. And soon, the world will know why his squadmates called him Seraph, the death angel.


Book Two:

Using his flesh-twisting powers, Seraph must push on to reach the ancient guardians.

After nearly losing access, Seraph sets out again to conquer NEO and save his tormented sibling.
Pushing deeper into the woodland, the Heart of The Forest is finally within reach, but the overpowered druidic guardians are merely the most obvious obstacle in his path.
The line blurs between right and wrong, allies and enemies as the plot thickens, but Seraph will stop at nothing, readily accepting any who stand in his way as what they truly are - raw materials for the reaping...

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