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On the first day, a mist descended from the heavens blanketing Earth.
On the second day, a cryptic message, ‘Infusion commencing’, appeared in the corner of everyone’s eyes.

On the third day, the sick were healed and the crippled walked again.
On the fourth day, celebration and joy spread across the globe.
And on the fifth day, the warping began…

*Note: audiobook available exclusively on Soundbooth Theater site


A completed, post-apocalyptic / sci-fi / gameLit trilogy

Book 1


Unity and crew continue their quest to uncover the forces behind Earth's predicament.

For that, they'll travel outside of Earth's Solar system, meet up with aliens, trade, mine, and fight for survival.

Adventure, level up, developing their spaceship and many more!

*Note: audiobook available exclusively on Soundbooth Theater site

Book 2

Book 3

Unity and her crew are humanity's last hope. With the fate of the world at stake, they must embark on a perilous journey to find a way to stop the impending doom. However, they cannot do it alone - they need the support of every surviving human on the planet.

Only then will the human race have a fighting chance against the final apocalypse. Can Unity and her team inspire hope in a world on the brink of destruction? Join the battle and find out.

Cinematic: TBA
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